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Cleaning and Maintenance

Bring Your Old Pond Back to Life
We Specialise in Pond Cleaning and Renovation

Is your pond looking a little lifeless? Do you want a waterfall or rock-pool, new plants or a few Koi? Re-design or a new filtration system fitting. We will be happy to put the life back in to your Garden.

Koi and other pond fish
"We can source, select and supply you with some of the finest fish available to complement your pond"

Pumps, filtration and ultra violet lights are essential for keeping koi and other pond fish.We can advise on all aspects of the set-up and up-keep of your existing or new pond.

Renovations, Repairs and Services
  • Pond cleaning
  • Regular services
  • Algae control
  • Fish health and water treatment
  • Pond problem solving
  • Curing and fixing leaks
  • Deterring herons
  • Crystal clear water
  • Filter and pump installation
  • Fountain and water feature installation

517 North drive

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